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Paula Laycock is currently writing a book with John Moore about the gardens of Churchill College, Cambridge.  John Moore has been responsible for the grounds and gardens of the College for the past twenty years.

The original landscape master plan for the College was drawn up in 1959 by the landscape architect, Sheila Haywood, using planting for foliage and form to create landscapes with borders surrounding buildings rather than traditional gardens.  The architecture of the College is Modernist and the landscaping complements that style. 

But how were those gardens and the vast expanse of playing fields first developed?  Nearly sixty years have passed since the site was levelled, the playing fields seeded and the first trees planted. How was this achieved, and to what extent has the College been able to maintain the integrity of Sheila Haywood’s original design in the face of new development on the site and the need to refresh and adapt planting styles across the decades? 

The book promises to provide insight into horticultural and garden styles from the 1960s through to the present day.  A brief history and a biography of Sheila Haywood are available at


Other books by Paula Laycock (formerly Halson):

'Flying Roast Ducks': recollections of Sir Hermann Bondi 1983-2005, published by Churchill College, 2012.  Available from Churchill College, Cambridge CB3 0DS for £8.99 inc. p & p. 

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Central vista with view of Hepworth sculpture 'Four-square Walk Through'

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